Connect to God | God of Refuge and Forgiveness

Debbie McClarin


Take a moment to read this passage from God’s Word

Psalm 10 and Romans 5: 6, 8

Challenge for the day

You are encouraged to grow closer to God through His Word, the Bible. Listen to the words of the psalmist as he laments what seems like God’s distance in the face of the wickedness of his day. Continue to the end of the psalm as his focus shifts to God’s attributes of being a defender and a refuge. Then in Romans, read Paul’s words of hope for each of us to find forgiveness and new life from Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.

Pause and talk to God right now about something that is on your heart and mind.

Talk to God and tell Him your desire to grow closer to Him through His Word. Ask Him any questions. Acknowledge any places where you are distant from God. Thank Him for providing forgiveness and new life. Accept it. Thank Him for being a refuge and a defender in troubled times.

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